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As the country rapidly develops, our children need to constantly adapt and keep pace with the changes around them. There is a crucial need to foster learning and inspiration among Tamil school children, parents and teachers. To be updated, stay connected with us, as we work together on an important mission to enrich young minds and their perspectives. For any coverage of events, contact us one month prior to your event, in order for us to make necessary arrangements.

Cognitive Development

To ignite conceptual thoughts and the ability to learn through problem solving and rational approaches. Children will be driven to stand for themselves and strive for the best in any given situation.

High Self Esteem

To ensure school children identify their strengths and have self-confidence to step forward, facing their daily challenges. This is important to accept differences and face them with emotional intelligence.

Right Exposure

To give Tamil school children proper guidance and encouragement from credible achievers and renowned professionals. Subconsciously, children always look up to the people around them and it is important we expose them to high achievers for inspiration.

Out of School Experience

To excite children and unplug them from their usual routines, enriching the kids’ perception of the world while making them think out of the box.The programmes shall depict global achievements and experiences.

Express & Communicate

To allow students to ask, voice out and explore the diverse opportunities around them. As Tamil school children, every single view and opinion counts towards the advancement of the community.

Meet New Peers

To get together and meet new friends, creating an all new support system among participants. Friendship allows exchange of ideas, better interaction and new discoveries that builds children’s characteristics.